Thrive Church, Jackson, TN

our beliefs

The information listed below is intended to be a no-nonsense, condensed version of our belief system. This is not an exhaustive theological treatise, but rather a basic introduction to our theology. However, each paragraph does build upon the previous one. If you need more detailed information, please ask us. We are happy to answer any questions you have.

Who is God?

We believe that there is one God, revealed as Father, as Son (Jesus Christ), and as Holy Spirit. We believe that He created everything that is in existence, including people. We believe that He loves people, and that He wants people to live thriving lives, made possible by enjoying a personal relationship with Him, and with other people.

What is the Bible, and what is it for?

We believe that God inspired normal people, who enjoyed a thriving relationship with God, to write the books of the Old and New Testaments. We believe the purpose of the Bible is to tell God’s story, a story of His love, which is why it contains all truth necessary for faith and Christian living.

Why do we need God?

God wants authentic relationships with people, so he created them with the ability to choose to love him or not. This ability to choose allowed the first people to break their relationship with God. Since that time all people are born with a natural tendency toward wrongdoing (sin). People need a thriving relationship with God in order to enjoy thriving relationships with other people, in the way God designed us to live. Unfortunately, without some kind of intervention from God, sin makes it impossible for people to enjoy a relationship with God.

How can we “fix” the relationship problem?

Unfortunately, there is nothing a person can do to get a personal relationship with God – apart from God, that is. Because God is Holy, our sinful nature can only be fixed by death. However, since God loves us, He makes reconciliation possible through Jesus Christ who took our punishment (death) upon himself, in our place. Because of this, anyone who sincerely regrets their wrongdoing, believes in Jesus as the Forgiver, and asks for that forgiveness, will enjoy a restored relationship with God (salvation). The Holy Spirit is present and active before, during, and after this moment.

What happens after we let God restore the relationship?

We believe that forgiven people (believers) ought to strive to learn more about God, and strengthen the relationship with Him. This process of growth will always be accompanied by deeper relationships with others. Through this growth process, we believe that a time will come when the Holy Spirit will cause a desire for a deeper, gracious work of cleansing (sanctification) – also made possible by Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit is present and active before, during, and after this moment, helping us to continue to grow closer and closer to Him every day.

What is beyond this life?

We believe that God promises an eternal reward for those people who have faithfully and continuously engaged in a personal relationship with Him. Someday, Jesus Christ, who is now alive in Heaven, will come back to take believers (both alive and dead) to live with Him in Heaven, eternally.