Thrive Church, Jackson, TN

our approach

Video: Love God, Love One Another, Pass It On…

Why are we here? (purpose)

Love God. Love one another. Pass it on. (Long version) By maturing our love for God, nurturing our love for one another, and expressing our love for others, we seek to help people enjoy a thriving life that is only possible through a personal relationship with God.

What do we do? (process)

Meet Big! Meet Small! Dive-In! We meet big, re-connecting together with God as He prepares us for His work. We meet small, in small group settings, to help each other along life’s road. We dive In! to express God’s love to those who are in need of God’s help.

What is important to us? (values)

Relevance. Relationship. Intentionality. In addition to our beliefs, all we do is guided by: Relevance: the right place, at the right time, with the right message – the ever-relevant Gospel; Relationship: with God, with one another, with others; Intentionality: God’s love is the motive, God’s grace informs the means, God’s faithfulness opens encounters.