prayer chapel

The Setting…
Soft, low lighting. Flickering candles. Soft, live, prayerful music. Prayer requests like painted whispers intermingled with God’s word reminding us of His presence are projected onto a screen. Spontaneous worship. The experience of quiet solitude while among other Christ-followers.

Thrive’s Prayer Chapel is truly a prayer chapel.
A one-hour refuge. We’ve committed to providing this sanctuary of living water in an otherwise hectic and consuming life. There is no sermon, no direction, no ritual, and you can come and go as you please as you experience the presence of God without the distractions of life.

Some have likened the Thrive Prayer Chapel to “sharing my personal prayer closet with my friends”. Some have called it an “oasis of peace in the middle of a busy week.” Pastor Herb calls it “my favorite time of the week – the Garden of Gethsemane for an hour.”

Sure, we can all pray anytime, anywhere. But for some of us, this single hour – totally consecrated to connecting with God – is a precious and vital part of making it through the week.

You can make this experience your own.
Some people pray seated in a chair. Some stand with arms raised towards heaven. Some sing along with the live prayer music. Some make their own heart-songs. Some dance. Some walk the edges of the room as they pray. Some kneel at the prayer altars/benches. Some meditate over the names as they are painted across the screen. Sometimes God leads us to share requests with one another on the spot. There is freedom in this experience.

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