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a.m. exchange

What is A.M. Exchange?

A.M. Exchange is a small group time where you can “exchange” with about 12-15 other people in a conversational environment. It takes place about 5 minutes after the conclusion of the morning service.

Is it like Sunday School?

If you’ve been to Sunday School at another church, it is similar but with some core differences.

First, the groups change every week. We try to divide into groups in a fun way, like those who like sports and those who don’t, etc. We do this because we are wary of stagnation and cliques that can characterize traditional Sunday School.

Second, we do not have a “curriculum”. We make sure that any prayer needs are handled here, and if there’s time, we discuss the message that was preached that day via discussion questions listed on your worship handout. Occasionally, we may use a “curriculum” that ties into a message series – but that is rare. Also, sometimes we don’t have A.M. Exchange, either by Pastor’s prerogative, or we have an all church meal or something like that.

Why do it this way?

Here’s the short version:

We’ve found, after a lot of experimentation, that we have a larger percentage of our Sunday morning worshipers attend once we moved A.M. Exchange to follow the message. Most people did not want to come earlier, but were willing to stay longer. Also, this format helps people explore the practical and intellectual nuances of the biblical passage that we explored during the message through solid discussion. Finally, we wanted to provide a venue that fostered prayer for specific needs on Sunday where face-to-face prayer could take place.
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Thrive Church has always chased mission. We have always sought to be where God wants us, doing what God wants us to do. This has always been our way.

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