Thrive Church, Jackson, TN


How do I get there? [back]

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When should I be there? [back]


  • Thrive Coffee Club 10:00 am     (Mix & mingle time)
  • Worship 10:30 am     (Adult & Youth)
  • Thrive Kids! 10:30 am     (Nursery to grade school)
  • AM Exchange 11:30 am     (Adult & Youth Small Groups) [ What is this? ]

When does the meeting end? [back]

Worship ends around 11:30-ish, but we would love for you to stay for our A.M. Exchange, immediately following the worship time.

At A.M. Exchange we separate into impromptu small groups (by hair color, or some other fun criteria). In these groups we have the opportunity to connect with one another while we discuss the message, or pray, or just “catch up” – whatever is appropriate that morning.

What should I wear? [back]

Come dressed however you want – God will be here no matter how you are dressed.

We welcome jeans, t-shirts and flip-flops. You can even wear your UT sweatshirts! No ties or suits or fancy dresses are necessary – but you are more than welcome to “dress-up” if you like.

Just try to be appropriately modest.

What happens during “worship”? [back]

It is our desire that there is no “typical” Sunday at Thrive Church. However, there are certain activities you will see each week: worship through songs, worship through giving, and worship through teaching. Sometimes, we will use things like drama and video clips to enhance worship.

What is expected of me? [back]

Above all, we want you to enjoy God’s presence while you are here. There are a couple things you should know about our times together.

First, we want you to know that we believe that you have not sought us out by accident. We have prayed that God would bring you our way. We want to know how we can pray for you and how to meet your needs.

Second, refreshments (pastries & coffee) are made available for you to enjoy throughout the meeting. Please, feel free to “refill” at anytime.

Third, we receive an offering during the service. It is not “required” of anyone to give. However, be faithful to the Holy Spirit as you prepare to give.

How should I “worship”? [back]

We want to be sensitive to how the Holy Spirit deals with each individual during worship. So, we welcome worshipers to worship as they see fit.

You may stand, kneel, lay prostrate, raise hands, shout, close your eyes, clap and even dance. All we ask is that your expression of worship is genuine to the Holy Spirit’s dealing with your heart during this special time.

What is the music like? [back]

Our goal is to present a worship atmosphere that continuously challenges our sense of worship. While God never changes, the ways in which He reaches us certainly may and does change.

The label “contemporary” is so vague that we do not believe it adequately describes what we do. We continuously seek fresh & relevant songs, drawing upon the best that cutting edge worship music has to offer.

Thrive Church’s worship team is typically a full-band, including drums and electric guitar. Sometimes, we go a little more  low-key / acoustic. Whatever is appropriate to convey the purpose of any given Sunday’s worship experience is what we will do.

Will I be bored? [back]

No way! Our music will certainly be exciting and inspiring. It is hard to imagine someone sleeping through it!

Additionally, we believe that the word of God is absolutely relevant to living your life. We are committed to presenting the truth of the Bible in ways that relate to your life. While messages may be “theme oriented,” the primary focus is to dive deeply into a particular passage of scripture, allowing it to transform our thinking and actions.

Through the appropriate use of multimedia we present God’s word in a spiritually stimulating, thought provoking, and action-inspiring way.

What about my kids? [back]

You have a choice. You are more than welcome to keep your kids by your side. However, your kids are a priority for this church, so we do provide a dynamic experience for your kids. We have a complete nursery and we have “classes” for tots and grade-school children – all of this in a secure environment.

During Sunday mornings, teens worship with the adults. We do have a teen-specific youth service on Wednesday nights.

Thrive Church has always chased mission. We have always sought to be where God wants us, doing what God wants us to do. This has always been our way.

Now we embark on a new mission: The Boneyard Biker Church.

We pray for your support as we enter this mission field.